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Hey there!  Welcome to Magic x Mood. I’m Justine, Experienced Anxious Adult (EAA) and creator of this site.


Magic x Mood is about a lot of things: life, travel, yoga, recipes...But mostly, it’s about living. Living with a mental illness. Living after a loss. Living your life.


There are a lot of ideas that went into the creation of Magic x Mood. For every good idea, there was at least 20 bad ones (probably more). Any of these could have initiated the creation of Magic x Mood, but it wasn’t an idea that prompted me to make this site. It was the loss of a loved one to suicide.

I’m here to share my experiences as I navigate my life after this loss and the impact it has had on my mental health. I’ve lived with anxiety and OCD for over half my life. Since early 2019, it’s the worst it has ever been. Just writing this “about” text is making my heart pound because of anxiety.


I’m anxious about being judged. I’m anxious about the stigma associated with mental illness and suicide. I’m anxious about internet trolls.


Despite all of these things, I’m going to overcome this anxiety.

Step 1: Post this “about” page.  

Step 2: Keep posting.

I am going to overcome because I know there is someone out there dealing with a loss. There is someone out there dealing with anxiety. There is someone out there that needs support. That someone might be you.


Whatever brought you here, thanks for stopping by. I hope you find inspiration to keep living.



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